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What is legal lean syrup

legal lean syrup, known colloquially as ‘Purple Drank’, ‘Barre’, ‘Syrup’ or ‘Sizzurp’ is one of those substances that everyone assumes will continue to remain banned. Lean is essentially a prohibited way to get ‘high’. But there is a new product on the scene that replicates the feeling of Lean, while being legal… let’s talk Legal Lean and how to drink it.

What is Lean Made Of?

While we can’t advise you to do this, we can share our knowledge. How to make lean? Traditionally (and illegally), you make lean by mixing prescription cough syrup (promethazine and codeine) with any fizzy drink. Sometimes adding a sweet/candy to make the purplish liquid. Those are the traditional ingredients of Lean. That is the answer to how do you make lean. However, as we’ll go into, this isn’t a recipe we’d recommend. We’ll also go into our ideas for how to drink Legal Lean! 

Lean has come a long way since its beginnings which is heavily rooted in hip-hop culture. Artists like Lil Wayne, DJ Screw rose to fame by their lean enabled rap form which was rapping over slowed down beats which mirrored lean’s effects.

Is Lean Illegal?

Lean is made with a prescription cough syrup. Because it is misuse of prescription medication, lean is not legal, although the ingredients are. Essentially, even though you can technically get a prescription and buy cough syrup, it is still illegal to do so for the purposes of making lean. So yes, lean is illegal. The answer to the question ‘is lean illegal’, let us be clear:

legal lean sippin syrup

There are great legal alternatives, though! Let’s talk about Legal Lean. However, Legal Lean is totally legal for those over the age of 18! That’s why the traditional ingredients of Lean aren’t ones we can recommend. Legal Lean, however, is a great alternative that is totally legal.

What Is Legal Lean?

A legal alternative to Lean, Legal Lean replicates some of the effects of Lean, without the illegal ingredients! Instead, it’s a blend of natural plants & roots that are known for their powerful effects.

Today, the emergence of legal lean has led to an increase in search terms like ‘how to drink legal lean’ and ‘how to use legal lean. In this article, we are going to be covering some of our favorite ways to drink legal lean.

You’ll find Legal Lean Drink Recipes at the bottom of the article! These recipes we share are our favorite ideas for how to make lean style drinks at home, but you can experiment and make new versions! While we do not condone the use of traditional cough syrup lean, we do think people who want to should be able to replicate how to make lean with Legal Lean! 

How to Drink Legal Lean

Traditionally, you make lean or purple drank or purp by mixing cough syrup (which contains codeine) prescribed by a doctor and any soft drink or candy. They can be purchased from most departmental stores and pharmacies.

But what made lean illegal and dangerous was the presence of a few harmful ingredients, one of which is codeine. Codeine, an opiate that induces feelings of euphoria in its users, may cause health issues in its users after use over a long time. Because of the classification of codeine, it is legally in the same category as morphine and other opioids like Vicodin, oxycontin, and heroin. The substance is also addictive and users who have continued to use it for a prolonged period could suffer from withdrawal symptoms if not managed carefully.

Legal Lean is an alternative to the classic Lean – this is a ‘mood-enhancement syrup’ that is made of completely natural ingredients like herbs and roots to mimic the effect of Lean. That way, you can experience a similar, enjoyable time without needing harmful/illegal ingredients. Legal Lean comes in two flavors, Act and Quali, and at Grassroots Harvest we carry the Act version.

What’s in Legal Lean?

This product contains many botanical ingredients that are popular for being calming, soothing, and potentially beneficial for sleep. These ingredients include St. John’s wort, valerian root, skullcap, and kava kava, among others.

In addition to these natural ingredients, legal lean also contains the essential vitamins your body requires daily. Legal Lean is available in Grape (Act) flavor containing four B-vitamins; B3, B5, B6, and B12, which all help with the metabolic processes taking place in the gastrointestinal tract.

B3 (niacin), a cholesterol and triglyceride absorbing agent, works in tandem with B5 (pantothenic acid), to metabolize and synthesize fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. Furthermore, B5 produces coenzyme A, which helps combat chronic fatigue. Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) is integral in the breakdown and production of glycogen. That’s the storage form of the body’s fuel source, glucose. Glycogen stored in the liver is broken down and released at points when the body’s sugar levels are critically low. B6 also has been connected to many other enzymes in the body that play a part in metabolism.

Is Legal Lean Safe?

Generally speaking, Legal Lean is considered to be a safe product. It is not for sale to those under the age of 18. However, like all botanical products, it is possible that some may react poorly to ingredients inside- that’s why it’s important to start slow when trying a new product like Legal Lean for the first time.

Is Lean the same as Sizzurp? What is Sizzurp?

Sizzurp is another slang term for Lean. Both of these names refer to the same illegal drink, which is a combination of cough syrup and soda. Because they’re the same thing, Legal Lean is also meant to somewhat replicate Sizzurp.

How to Tell Lean From Legal Lean – What Does Lean Look Like | What Does Legal Lean Look Like?

Traditionally, lean looks like a purple to red color drink with carbonation in it. The coloration would come from the cough syrup itself, and the carbonation would come from the soda added to make the drink. This, however, is illegal. Legal Lean comes in a small bottle with a white lid and label. The label often has an orange section, and the name ‘Legal Lean Syrup’ on the front.

What Does Lean Feel Like? What Does Legal Lean Feel Like?

Legal Lean is meant to replicate the effects of lean, so they feel very similar. Lean is said to feel like a very relaxing & euphoric sensation. The ‘high’ provided when using Lean is often described as very sedating. That means Lean will probably make you feel sleepy or tired, plus the added mood-boost. Lean and Legal Lean are both strong in effects, don’t operate heavy machinery after use.

How to Drink Legal Lean

Like Lean itself, it is common to mix Legal Lean with a beverage of some sort. It comes as a syrup, so while you can use it on its own, the consistency might be a bit odd. Here are some of our favorite recipes for Legal Lean drinks, both traditional and non-traditional! This is how to make Legal Lean into a Lean style drink at home

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